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Who are we?

"Bitcoin Malta" is a Maltese-based effort aiming to educate the general public about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the ever-growing industry of distributed ledger technology here in Malta.
Established in 2021, Bitcoin Malta will serve as the go-to site for anyone wanting to invest and further their knowledge in the cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin Malta was created to help those not familiar with cryptocurrencies, those who want to invest, or simply just want to learn more about this new technology and share their knowledge within the community.

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Crypto Education

Learn the basics of Bitcoin and all things cryptocurrency, so you can invest safely and be part of tomorrows currency. 


Don't have time to educate yourself and keep track of all the news and updates? Follow our expert's advice on how you can navigate the market as an enterprise investor.


Cryptocurrency Forums

Ask any questions on our community  forums of experts and share your knowledge on all things crypto.


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