How to get started: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Updated: Nov 13

How to buy Bitcoin?

The simplest and easiest way to get Bitcoin is by buying online from a well known provider such as Binance or Coinbase which is overall your best choice. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges you can buy and sell from, ranked in order:

We highly recommend using Coinbase as its the most User Friendly and offers great benefits for beginners. For trading we highly recommend the worlds largest crypto exchange as its the best overall when it comes to trading with low fees, coin offerings and interface for any crypto enthusiest or advanced users. Here are some pros and cons:


Step 1. Head to Binance account creation page and Input your email address and choose a secure password

Step 2. Follow the instructions for verifying your account by inputting the code sent to your email address or mobile number.

Once you’re verified, you should now be set up with your Binance account. You’re one step closer to buying cryptocurrency, so let's dive into making your first crypto purchase.

How to buy crypto on Binance

Now we’ve set you up with your Binance account, let’s purchase some cryptocurrency. Next, you have to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

You’ve got a few options to choose from when purchasing crypto:

1. Credit/debit card: the most straightforward option for new users in Malta

2. Deposit funds into your Fiat and Spot wallet: transfer fiat currency from your bank account and use it on the exchange. (Not all banks approve this in Malta)

Purchasing crypto with a credit/debit card

If you are still on the Binance welcome screen, select [Buy crypto with your credit card]. Otherwise, hover over [Buy Crypto] and select [Credit/Debit Card] from the Binance homepage.

Step 1: Go to your Fiat and Spot wallet and click on "Deposit"

Step 2: Select your payment method (In this case we chose 'Bank Card')

Step 3: Inset your card details - Next - Insert personal info

You have added your credit card to Binance and ready to start your crypto journey!

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